eyecell micro regeneration stimulator

The EyeCell eye regeneration stimulator and micro pump is designed to recover vision that may be lost from a variety of causes.

EyeCell regeneration stimulator

EyeCell has developed two products for eye regeneration

1. Implantable micro regeneration stimulator and micro pump.

2. Non-invasive eye patch and external stimulator and pump.

The EyeCell microcurrent devices are designed to provide healing of injuries, reduce inflammation, reduce pain and risk of infection.

EyeCell collaborative researchers have treated nearly 3000 patients to date with 90% of them demonstrating improvement directly related to the microcurrent therapy.

The EyeCellâ„¢ eye regeneration stimulator and micro pump system was developed to deliver a safe and efficient product that can potentially permit eye regeneration and restored vision.

Improvement in Vision Parameters for Participants Treated With Alternative erapies in a 3-day Program – Including Bioelectric Microcurrent Stimulation

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